These Are the Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets

Carpets are one of the most important assets in your house. Further, you feel more comfortable when you have clean carpets. However, keeping the carpet clean at all times is a very challenging job. Furthermore, while cleaning the carpets you need to make sure to preserve the texture. Moreover, you should clean the carpet without affecting the carpet colour and fabric. There are many unexpected stains on the carpets. To clean, you often rub a cloth on the stain affected area. But unfortunately, it ends up spreading even more. In this blog, we will be discussing some toughest stains. Do read the blog to know in detail about “These Are the Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets

Some Stubborn Or Toughest Stains To Remove from A Carpet

These Are the Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets“. Read the below-given points very carefully to know about the safety of your carpet from stains. 

  • Blood Stain: A bloodstain is the most stubborn thing to remove from the carpet. Your priority should be to give first aid to the person who is bleeding. Once you treat the bleeding person, then start first-aiding the stained carpet. To clean the bloodstain from the carpet you can use a blood paper. Moreover, for removing blood stains from the carpet you can also use a soft light cloth or kitchen towel. Furthermore, use cold water to clean the bloodstain from the carpet. Never use the hot water for bloodstains, as it will help the stain settle on the carpet. 
  • Red Wine: The second toughest sign to remove from a carpet is Red wine. But for the red wine stain, you have to act the same as for the bloodstain. Simply, use a mixture of cold or normal water with ⅔ drops of white vinegar on the perimeter of the carpet stain. Furthermore, we advise you to be patient while treating the red wine stain. It is better you slowly treat the carpet stain and even use less amount of mixture. If you treat the carpet red wine stain impatiently or use a large amount of solution. Then there are chances that your carpet will be damaged. 
  • Extra coloured Drinks: Drink stain is another toughest stain on carpets. However, if any drink has strong dyes in it, then it’s a very challenging task to clean that dye drink stain. That’s why it’s better to treat the drink stain on the carpet as soon as possible. Moreover, you can also call local experts to apply professional dye remover. Furthermore, to clean coloured drinks, you can also use a DIY mixture of ammonia and cholera bleach. 
  • Coffee Stain: The next hardest stain to remove from the carpet is coffee. But don’t worry as soon as the coffee falls on the carpet, treat it immediately. Nevertheless, you can use a mixture of water and white vinegar on the carpet for coffee stains. Moreover, after cleaning the coffee stain from the carpet, you can change the carpet cover (if you use it).  By this way, no coffee stain will re-introduce back into your carpet. Thus to avoid the permanent coffee stain on carpets follows this advice and see the result. 
  • Ink Stain: After coffee stains, ink is another most difficult stain to recover. However, for ink stains, isopropyl alcohol is the most recommended remover. Thus, you can take the above solution on a clean cloth. And after taking the solution you can gently blot it on the affected area. Since this solution is strong it might damage your carpet. So, it’s better to first inspect the ink stain affected area before treating it. Thus in doubt, you can also opt for specialist products for ink stain. 
  • Animal or pet urine: The toughest and the most common stain on your carpet is pet urine. Furthermore, pet urine is acidic and makes your carpet colour turn yellow. Therefore it’s better to apply baking soda to the affected area. As baking soda solution is very helpful in consuming the acid that is pets urine. Apply baking soda solution with water and leave the mixture for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes gently remove it with a clean towel. 

Thus, These Are the Toughest Stains to Remove From Carpets. Moreover, never ignore the above stain and treat them as early as you can. 


Many stains are very hard to remove from the carpet. Some of the other toughest stains are food colour, nail paint, cooking oil etc. As we already mentioned above, it’s very necessary to treat the stain early. Furthermore, some golden rules for rug or carpet stain elimination are: 

  • You should act fast,- the longer the chemical or substance on your carpet. It will absorb more quickly on the carpet and even harder to remove. 
  • Moreover, for cleaning the carpet stain you must use tested products. Low-quality solutions may damage your carpet fabric badly. 
  • Lastly, you must hire professionals for carpet stain elimination. As they know which method or solution is suitable for a particular stain.